Thursday, May 03, 2012

Want to make some new friends????

Hi! I'm Kelly - I write this blog! 

If you read here at all - you know I live in NW AR which I think is God's country.

I am lucky - I've actually made a lot of friends though blogging! I like to refer to them as "People I met on the internet".  ha!

Making friends can be hard as an adult.  Who knows - this might be a great way to connect with people in your area and make a lifelong friend.

Link your blog and please in the link - put name and area. Exp: "Kelly, NW AR"
(I will delete entries who don't follow directions - sorry but it doesn't work unless you do)
***** If you get deleted - try to re-link. If you can't I'm not sure how to fix that???

Look around - maybe a group of you could meet up. (Which we should totally do someday in Hog country all you NWA girls!)

This is for single girls, married girls, working girls, moms, widows, empty nesters, etc! Join in!!!!

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