Wednesday, May 02, 2012


 Life is funny

I've had several of you ask me lately about Harper's "special ears" and I realized I haven't talked about them much because it's honestly just become a way of life and we have finally adjusted really well to them. So I decided I earlier today that I would give two updates today - one on how great Harper is doing with her hearing aids and one saying we were finally potty trained!

And then.........
My friend Tracy and I hosted our 9th grade Sunday School class for dinner over at her house tonight. It was a LOT crazy because we had a ton of teenage girls plus several adults plus our four little girls. Tracy has the MOST fun playroom in her house and Harper had a ball. And then we went to leave and I realized Harper had had a major accident and then we got home and I realized her "ears" were missing. She NEVER takes them out like that anymore and I just knew we would never find them in their house. (but we did).

It's just funny how just when I breathe a sigh of relief and dare to mouth words out loud like "Harper is potty trained" or "Harper is so sweet and obedient"..........the very next day - we will back slide. I think it's God's way of not letting pride slip in. And I'm sort of thankful for that. I am much more dependent on Him when I don't think I can do things all myself.

But the update is that Harper has been wearing her hearing aids every waking hour for a few months now. In fact, most mornings she will ask for them. She will say "I need my ears in so I can hear better".  Isn't that the sweetest? I never thought 10 months ago that we would EVER be in this place but it's just become like wearing shoes (or a BIG BOW) to us.  And her speech has improved leaps and bounds. In fact - she was tested a few weeks ago after 6 months of therapy and tested normal for both speech and language.  I'm SO thankful but I'm also seeking out a little extra help because I want her to have every chance in the world for her hearing loss to never define her.  Can you see her "pink ears" in this picture? They really aren't that noticeable. In fact - sometimes I have to look hard to make sure they are in.  God has been good to us through this whole process.

And I think I dared to utter a few weeks ago that Hollis had finally slept through the night and was doing great. ............ yeah, .........she has been up 2-4 times a night ever since.

Maybe I'll play the George Constanza card and just say the opposite of everything I'm thinking from now on.  :-)

 I have had this David Crowder Band song on repeat all day today. I'm obsessed with it - it's so good!
Thankful that I don't need to be in control........I have a HOLY God who is!

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