Saturday, May 05, 2012

Sweet Saturday

I have to be honest. 
There are a lot of Saturdays where I kind of miss the B.C. days.

You know - back before kids - when I would sleep in until 9ish, lay in bed and watch lifetime movies all afternoon, lay out and read magazines, and then go to dinner with friends at night.  And my house was pretty clean and my laundry caught up because it was just us two.

That kind of stuff never happens anymore.

But the irony is - all those days that I was enjoying all that happy laziness - I was yearning so bad to have a family to spend Saturdays with. And today was one of those days I used to dream about. 

We took the girls to our farmer's market on the square this morning. It is my FAVORITE thing about our town.  And it was a beautiful morning. We just enjoyed walking around and looking at everything and seeing friends.  We bought some really yummy blueberries. I wanted okra but didn't see any yet. 
We had planned to go to the splash park next because it's just down the street and I heard it opened today but apparently the news was wrong. It wasn't open yet. 

Since the girls were already in their suits and sun screened up - we did the next best thing - went home and turned on the sprinklers. It was in the high 80's today and I got soaked along with the girls. It felt great. One sister really didn't agree.

But the other sister had the time of her life!

Me and my bathing beauties

Okay - y'all keep asking me........(this is not going to be any help) - I got the top at the Branson outlet mall a year ago and I can't remember what store. I got the skirt on zulily. I don't normally buy for myself but I saw it and knew it could be a great staple all summer and I'm so glad I did. I LOVE it and you will probably see me wearing it about every other day.  I also got a coral one but I don't love it as much as this one!

The girls also had fun playing in their water table.  Then we all ate lunch and the girls took naps. 
This afternoon we headed to a birthday party for our friend John Michael. I have two observations of this picture - 1. I did not plan all the orange. I had planned for the girls to wear these outfits and didn't really notice that I was wearing orange too. For some reason I'm real into orange/coral right now. I am NOT turning into a Tennessee van. (Why do I associate all colors with SEC colors?) 2. I feel like in the two pictures on this post I look like one of the Duggar sisters. I'm just real into maxi dresses and maxi skirts right now. Probably because they hide the chubby.
The party was at a real gymnastics place. Harper had SO much fun. I knew she would. She is SO into all gymnastics stuff. I saw they had little camps in the summer but she's too young. I think I know what we are doing next summer!
Hollis had a big time too. Too good a time. I was chasing her down like crazy the whole party. It's hard to keep your eyes on two very busy little bodies.  I was worn out when we left.
They had a big pit full of foam you could jump into. Hollis spent most of her time trying to get into it. There were too many bigger kids diving in. Like this one.
And what's a party without pizza and cupcakes! And friends! What a great, busy day! We came home and got the girls bathed and ate tacos in honor of Cinco de Mayo.

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