Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Make new friends but Keep the old

First :
I want to tell you about this Friday's SUYL.  I had a lot of you tell me you wish you could make friends in your area or maybe find bloggers in your area to connect with.  So that's kind of the idea between this - kind of like the Single's day - but for finding friends. So the plan is you link up your blog - write about yourself if you want - and when you link up - include the area where you live (not necessarily the city but maybe south Alabama or Northwest Ohio?).  Who knows? Sometimes in our adult lives - making friends is like dating. It can be hard to find a good friend. I thought we would try it out!

 Harper loves to "go to the park" so today after Bible Study we went to the park and had a picnic and played.  It was so fun and the girls had the best time.
 Hollis is a full time walker and I think it has made her so much happier. She is getting around fast. Scott and I laugh because she is SO sweet and just the most precious little girl but she is FEISTY! I think she might keep us on our toes. It's so fun watching her little personality develop.  She's such a happy, fun little girl.
 Now that Hollis is walking and a little bigger - it's fun to see the girls really starting to play and interact. Harper wanted to push Hollis in the swing. She can be such a sweet sister most of the time! :-)
(I promise I don't dress them alike every day - we do have a lot of matching outfits so I am getting my use out of them but we are mismatched more days than not)
 These pictures just make me happy.  Being a mom of young kids is nothing like I imagined. It's so much harder and demanding than I ever dreamed. But it's also so much more rewarding than I ever imagined. Days like today - just playing in the park - totally make it worth while.
Three is just such a crazy age. At times - it can be awful and at times it is the sweetest age. Lately Harper is just so sweet I want to bottle her up. I can't get enough of her. I go in at night just to look at her when she sleeps and I have to fight myself from waking her up. She is SO funny. She just has the funniest personality. I laugh at her all day long. I see her growing up right before my eyes. So thankful for every day we are given.

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