Monday, April 23, 2012



Oh goodness - I have had a busy few weeks. I just threw 3 parties in 5 weeks at my house. & it was so fun and I would do it again in a minute because they were all for people I loved. And I love throwing parties. But it's hard with 2 little people that live in my house and need my complete attention 85% of my waking hours and they also like to un-do most of the cleaning I try to do before the parties. ha!

Add in several other functions I had that I had to take food to and three families I took meals to (and I completely FORGOT one AGAIN!!! SO Mortifying but I took them a meal the next night.) Plus just life and doctor appointments and teaching Sunday School and laundry and dishes and I am one tired momma.

I'm not complaining - I'm thankful for everything but it all seemed to come at once and I just sighed a big sigh of RELIEF! I feel like now I can relax and start my summer. & Of course - there are a dozen things on the horizon but not quite this busy!

So I'm now on summer mode. And loving it.

And did you know Chick-fil-a now has chocolate chip cookies? I mean I have dreamed of drive thru cookies forever! I'm so excited. Of course this isn't helping my summer weight loss plan.

Oh and I'm writing this post from my phone sitting in my drive way. I ran an errand and both girls fell asleep. So I'm drinking a Sonic diet coke & listening to sports radio talk about our new Razorbacks coach. So the pictures are messed up but I'm having a good Mom day! ;-)

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