Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Mighty Fortress

We have a little series going on right now in our Women's Bible Study called "Testimony Tuesdays".  We do this every spring/summer. One of my favorite women in our church shared today and it was so good.  These are always my very favorite weeks of the year - to hear how God has worked in the lives of women in our church.
Today it went up to a whole new level because my friend Maegan led us in worship and it was just such a sweet time of worship.  I tease Maegan because she is SO talented. She has aged out for American Idol so I want to get her on "The Voice" if anyone has any connections...................
Maegan had us sing this song......"A mighty fortress" by Christy Nockels. We sang this in church Sunday too. It is probably my very favorite song right now. I LOVE it. Maegan shared that Isn't it wonderful on hard days as a mom of young kids or in anything you are dealing with that God is not just our fortress and strength - he is a MIGHTY fortress. Love that.

After Bible Study, our women's council went out to lunch and planned next year's Bible Study. I absolutely LOVE being on women's council and working in women's ministry. I feel like I'm always sorting out my place in the church. I've taught preschool choir, preschool Sunday School, sang in the choir, taught youth......and none of those really feel right. I don't feel equipped but I DO love serving women.

 Tonight Laurie and I went and tried out the new Bob Evans restaurant. I never posted the winners of that drawing but it was Tyler and Connie (I emailed them so if you didn't hear from me - I'm sorry you didn't win).
 I had chicken pot pie and a salad and it was very yummy! Kids eat free every Tuesday night so that's a great deal!
 Laurie and Hollis
 Me and the girls. Harper was so excited to eat with Emily and Sarah Kate. She cried all the way home because she wanted to go home with them. She secretly wants to live with them and for Laurie to be her mom. We have to sing "Happy birthday to Laurie" every night before bed. She won't sing Mommy a verse. It's always "Laurie".  She loves her.

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