Sunday, April 22, 2012

Happily Ever After

We have had one busy but fun weekend around here! 
 Yesterday I threw a shower for my friend Caroline.  It's a really fun story with Caroline. I met her through my blog probably 4-5 years ago.  We met several times and a year ago - she felt like God was telling her to quit her teaching job in Texas and to move. She started applying to different schools in different areas and she ended up getting a teaching job HERE in my town. So crazy. She was even able to sell her house quickly in a bad market.  She moved and right away met a guy named Shane. Caroline is 30 and has been trusting God to bring her a husband. So much so that when she heard God tell her to trust Him and move -- she did and in June she is getting married. It's been so fun to watch her story in progress.  What a difference a year makes. I tell that to encourage you - you NEVER know where your life might be in a year.
 So I was very excited to throw her a shower.  She is getting married in this really neat barn here and using burlap and blues and yellows so I tried to stick with that for her shower. I love all things burlap anyway!
 The shower was in the morning so it was fun to do brunch food. I made donut hole skewers. I saw this on pinterest somewhere!
 Little cups of fruit
 And of course monogrammed petit fours.  We also had sausage balls and little quiches.
 I stenciled this burlap sign. How fun is this picture!
 I love drinking out of mason jars. 
I found the cute straws and the blue and yellow poms at sweet lulu. Such fun party stuff!
 I borrowed the chalkboard and table cloth from my party throwing friend Tracy.
 I had these jars and just added burlap flowers and ribbon. I made Erin's mom's great punch and then just had lemon/lime water. 
 Caroline's aunt, mom and sister.  Caroline's mom and dad just moved up here. They have always wanted to live in AR and now they do. And they have been coming to our church. So crazy and so fun.
 Me and the bride
 She got lots of great gifts - like this frame I loved so much I may have to go get one myself! 
 She was SO fun to watch because she was just ecstatic about everything she got. I know every bride is excited but I think when you have waited and prayed a long time - it's just SO exciting to finally be having a shower! She was just so funny about how excited she was.
We also had a neat time of prayer for her before we opened gifts. I thought that was really special.
 Melissa and sweet baby Crew
 This was so fun to me - two girls from Texas who have become friends with Caroline through her blog drove all the way up for the shower. I know these girls also from their blogs and twitter so it was so fun and surreal to meet them. That is Kelly and Leslie! They were just as sweet as you would think they would be!
 Harper LOVES Caroline. We have no idea why but she calls her "ya-ya".  All week she thought I was having a birthday party for Caroline so she kept going around singing "Happy birthday to ya ya".  She finally understood what we were doing and every since yesterday she has said "Ya Ya's getting married" to me about 500 times.
 Hollis napped through the whole shower and Scott took Harper on a daddy daughter date during the party. They went to Academy sports and he came home with things they had picked out. Scott is making the best of having two girls - pink footballs and pink soccer balls. And razorback dresses. ha!

I'm so thankful - my mom came and helped me with the shower. She was a HUGE help to me. My dad left for Nicauraga for a week yesterday to work with pastors so I was happy to have her with us. She helped me get my house cleaned up and then I took her to the new museum and the trail around it.
We had a lot of fun and the bonus was I didn't realize it was prom night so there were tons of prom goer's getting their pictures made all around the museum. Harper asked some of them if they were "Barbie" and thought the others were princesses. ha! Mom also kept the girls last night so Scott and I could have a date. We went to Doe's and saw a movie! We were so thankful to have a night alone! Thank you so much Mom!!!

 My mom got to go to church with us today.  That's a rare treat since my dad is a pastor and they are usually always at their own church. We had such a good service today. I am SOOOOO thankful for my church.
 My sweet baby

We had a great weekend - I hope you did too! 

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