Wednesday, April 11, 2012


 I got this flower head wrap at a new "junque" store last week and wore it today. I tried to take a picture of me and Hollis in our headbands. She was SO thrilled.
 I think I already embarrass her.

 This picture just makes my heart swell. Oh she is adorable. Harper has been SO sweet the last two days. I don't know what has gotten into her but she has been so much more obedient and is constantly saying "Thank you Mommy" for everything and has even been pretty sweet to her sister. What a pleasant change! We will just over look the fact that her teachers at school told me they had to get on to her today because she was sneaking into the (potty reward) skittles today (and looking out the corner of her eyes trying to be sneaky while she did it).  I told them about her sneaking a donut when she was supposed to be in bed. She is a mess. But a pretty sweet mess.
 Hollis is starting to really say more and more words. She said "sister" today. Several times. So fun! It has been really amazing to me because she mimics so many sounds and words and I now realize how much Harper didn't at this age.  It was around 15 months that I noticed Harper wasn't repeating sounds and started to ask her ENT about her hearing. It's amazing to me every time Hollis says a new word or tries to make a sound I'm saying. I'm thankful for every word she says.
Scott has called Harper "baby monkey" since she was born. Her favorite thing to say right now is "I'm not Baby Monkey. I'm Harper Stamps".  

Harper loves to help Hollis walk. She also loves to try and carry Hollis around which makes me nervous. They are really starting to play together and at least once a day there will be a moment where they start laughing together and that is the sweetest sound.

 I love watching these sisters become friends.

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