Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Diaper Bag

This is a sponsored post by Huggies and BlogHer.  This is a continuing series I'm doing on a baby's first year.

Today's post is all about the Diaper Bag!

I'm lucky to have all kinds of diaper bags of all sizes and shapes. I got a lot of smaller bags for Harper. I changed them all the time and they worked great. With Hollis, I bought a really nice diaper bag on sale and I loved it but I found it got to be big and bulky.

Diaper bags evolve for me as months go on with a baby/child.  At first with each girl I carried a carefully packed diaper bag. I didn't carry a purse - it doubled as my purse. So I carried my necessities - a wallet, make-up, keys, cell phone.  Then I always carried a thing of wipes and several diapers. My babies love their pacifiers, so I always keep several clean pacifiers in a ziploc bag. Since I nursed, I would take my "hooter hider" and any other nursing necessities.

This worked great when we were out and about, but we also spend a lot of time at church, where Hollis goes to the nursery.  I don't want to leave my whole diaper bag there, so I carry a purse with all my stuff (and I ALWAYS keep diapers and wipes because I never want to be caught without an emergency stash) and I would take a small bag for Hollis to the nursery. It would just have diapers and a bottle. Now she doesn't need a bottle at church, so I send a sippy cup and maybe a snack.

I try to be organized and pack our bags the night before we go somewhere, but usually I'm frantically packing bags while the girls eat breakfast. Or when we are being spontaneous I just throw things in a bag quickly before we go out the door. That can be scary. I've been caught without essentials that way. It's always best when I take time to think through what I might need in a situation.

Other things I like to carry are those little bags you wrap stinky diapers up in before you throw them out, little toys to keep an antsy baby busy, and an extra outfit.

What do you keep in your diaper bag?
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