Saturday, April 28, 2012

Sister Sister

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 Thursday I had the girls dressed alike and it was a nice overcast day so I took them to a local trail to take a few pictures. didn't go so well.
Dresses from Zulily (brand is freckles & kitty - it's on there a lot)
 One sister was slightly upset and one was nonchalant.
 I love this girl so much - AND her fake smile. 
I have to say that 3 is a hard age ......but so far it's my FAVORITE! 
 So pouty yet so cute
 Last night the girls were out playing in the yard and Scott took a few pictures. Harper LOVES to do somersaults. I think she possibly did 364 in a row.  I really need to get her in gymnastics. We found her out in the garage on Scott's gym equipment doing chin ups on a low bar. She is crazy strong. I may change her name to Mary Lou.
 That pouty lip seems to be out a lot 
 Whatcha talking about Willis?

Have a good weekend!

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