Thursday, April 26, 2012

Show us what you make or Sell!!!

Today is all about any of you who have cute little shoppes where you make or sell things! This is a great day for you to display them........................and this is a great day for the rest of us to discover all kinds of cuteness!

I want to share about my April Sponsors - cute little shoppes of their own!

I found the cutest little shop on Facebook several months ago and ordered these cute owl outfits for Harper's birthday. These are probably my very favorite outfits that the girls own. My Bella Bums has the cutest little clothes for kids at good prices and they have great service!

When I had Hollis - my friend Shelli sent me a Bitsy Bag.  Her friend Mandi makes them and I LOVED it. Hollis did not love being swaddled but I hated her being cold. These little bags are silky on the outside and minky on the inside. Hollis could put her arms out but was still warm and snuggly inside. I thought it was the neatest idea! You have to check out Bitsy Bags!

A few years ago I discovered Doodle Bug Stationary. I am a FREAK about cute stationary and they have the cutest cards and address labels and all kinds of other things. I have ordered a bunch of note cards and address labels from them. They have all kinds of cute designs and they are a great price! If you are looking for a fun gift or you just can't have enough monogrammed cards (like me) - this is a shop for you!!!

Happy Shopping!!!! Support small businesses!!!!

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