Monday, April 30, 2012

Neat Site!!!!

****Here is a little added bonus: If you put the code GIFTFAVES in - you can get $15 off. or use the code RECOGNIZEMOM and get 60% off your total order! WOW!

I have to confess. I'm not a saver. I think I'm terrified I could end up a hoarder so I get rid of almost everything. Scott is more of a saver and more sentimental than me. He always wants me to keep every single piece of paper that Harper has ever put a crayon too.  I just can't.  But she is starting to make really cute stuff at school and I want to save it but what to do with it. I can put a lot in tubs and just store it.
I love this - last week they studied yellow and lemons and took their picture trying a lemon on a lemon paper!
And they made this bug out of their hand prints. Now how can I throw this away????
I recently was introduced to the CUTEST website. They had so much great stuff that I had to share. I love personalized things and really I love everything they have. They have these awesome memory boxes. You can personalize with pictures.
And look!!! A cute way to store special art work!!! I'm totally getting one!! This is the cutest idea!
And you know the Erin Condren planners that have been all the rage? (I have one and love it). Well - this site has cute ones too and they are cheaper. And you can get weekly or monthly calendars and put pictures all through it.
And please look away if you are related to me because I have found lots of cute gifts to make - like calendars with pictures of the girls!
And they have cute growth charts that you can personalize! I think my girls need these!!!!!
And something that I'm for SURE doing - you can make your own COOKBOOK!!!! My circle of friends keeps talking about making a group cookbook with our favorite recipes - we could use Paper Coterie to make it and then put pics of our little group in it also! And it's a great price! I may make several just to keep or to pass down to my girls all of our favorite recipes!!! Isn't that neat?????
And I love this - all you girls getting married and engaged - you can make the cutest guest book. You fill it up with pictures of you and your man and then guests sign the pages around the pictures. I'm SO SAD this wasn't around 8.5 years ago - this is the CUTEST thing!
I'm obsessed with making picture books of my girls. I FINALLY finished Harper's 2011 book today. Well - Paper Coterie has all kinds of neat picture books and there are lots of themes and they are sprinkled with neat sayings and are already formatted - you just drop pictures in. I think I might make this "sisters" book for my girls to have to look at!
I am just so crazy about all the stuff on this website Paper Coterie and I had to pass along in case you hadn't already found it. Too many cute things for gifts, graduation, Mother's day/Father's day, baby gifts, wedding gifts, etc. Or just for yourself!!!

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