Saturday, April 07, 2012

Pre Easter Fun

I have to say - hands down - my favorite holiday is Easter. I love Christmas and 4th of July and Thanksgiving but Easter is just so special.  Of course it's the super bowl to my faith - the whole center of Christianity is Jesus dying on the cross and rising again.

But I also love the spring weather and the dogwoods and azaleas in bloom. I love Easter baskets and dying Easter eggs. I love bunnies and lambs. I love Easter lunch. And I know Easter is not about this and it should't matter - and maybe it's more of a cultural Southern thing - but I can't help but love new Easter dresses and outfits - especially for the kids. It's just such a happy day!

We started celebrating on Good Friday! My parents came to visit the girls for a few hours. We went to Harper's favorite restaurant "chick and play" and ate lunch and then played at home.
 The girls have been getting little goodies from both sides of the family this week. Harper has been in heaven. She also had an egg hunt at MDO this week and she was SOOOO excited about her eggs or her "presents" as she called them.

Personally -I'm so excited about Easter candy because we have been in a little stall out on our potty training. Harper is 90% there but we have had trouble with the poop. But she knows now is she goes #2 - she gets Easter candy. Hey - I'm not too proud to say sometimes a little bribing works. And let's just say she got a lot of candy today. :-) 

This is the first year we have tried dying eggs. This is the first year I felt like we were ready. My neat freak personality was sent into overload with this activity but it was pretty fun. I'm a little nervous about the eggs. I can just see broke eggs in the house in my future.

I know this is something that will get more fun with age!

Hollis had a seat of honor in the festivities.
We only dyed a few eggs. I wanted a slow start.  

We have a friend in Georgia named Donna who has adopted my girls as "grand daughters'.  She makes them the NEATEST things. Look at these bunnies that arrived this week. She MADE them - how on earth do you do that? Can you see the striped socks? It's too much.
They will get these baskets in the morning. We don't make a big deal about the Easter bunny - they can just think it's from us. Well - because they are. ha! The girls both got new swimsuits for summer and a few other things. Harper got more than Hollis because she's one and won't know or care.

I'm excited about Easter Sunday! I hope your family all has a wonderful day and that you can know the depth, height, and breadth of the love that Jesus has for you - He died for you!

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