Friday, April 06, 2012

Show us your life - Moms of all girls

I LOVE having girls.

I always dreamed of having 3 boys. I really did. There is something so sweet about little boys.  And part of me would LOVE to try again and have a cute little Hudson in our family. (but chances are it would be another girl!)

BUT I LOVE Girls! 

I'm a girly girly girl mom. I love bows and dresses and smocked and princesses and dress up and make-up and painting toenails and Barbies and baby dolls. I love every single second of it. 

I'm scared to death of having teenage girls. I really am. I just pray that I'm guiding them now so that when they are teenagers they will be rooted in God's word and in kindness and good morals. 

I think girls come with their own set of things just like boys do. And it's good to have other mothers who have girls to talk to. I'm lucky to have a lot of friends who have all girls and it's nice just to talk through things. (and boy moms - your week is coming next week!)

If you are a mom to all girls - link up here!!!!

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