Sunday, April 08, 2012

Easter 2012

We have had a wonderful Easter day! I hope you have too! 

We woke up Harper this morning to come get her basket. She has started being hard to get out of bed in the mornings. The girl who used to never sleep. ha! Her sister is an early riser - she was already almost finished with breakfast by now. 

Just because we rarely remember to take Dawson's pictures these days - here he is enjoying Easter festivities. He's almost 10 - this is pretty much what he does all day. 
 Our family. 
3 out of 4 of us are looking and it was on a timer. Not too bad. 

I double double triple love this picture. Precious girls. 
I loved their sweet little simple dresses.

This was my hat I wore to church today.  A lot of women in our church wore hats in honor of one of our most amazing friends who is fighting ovarian cancer. It looked like the Kentucky derby.  So fun! I volunteered to help in the nursery today. I LOVE our Easter service but I'm also grateful to those who work in the nursery and since I have two of the kids in there - I thought it was only right I worked.  I know our service was probably amazing. 

Easter has become "our" holiday. We love to be with our families but we just really like being at our own church for Easter and now with kids - it's just nice to be at home.  So something we always do is eat Easter lunch and have an egg hunt with friends. It makes it a really special day.  My friend Amber hosted this year.  I felt terrible about this because she is two weeks away from having a baby but she insisted. 

We celebrated the Southern way - women in the kitchen eating at one table, men outside eating at another and kids running around in the backyard barefoot.

I love these two pictures. Two years ago our friends the Freezes and Ormons ate at our house and we took that second picture of our girls. Sarah Kate, Harper and Kinley were all one and now they are all three. Time goes by so fast. And we have added two new girls to the bunch - Hollis and Kamryn.
 This year we had seven big kids all together. Two of the cutest boys and five sweet girls. 
 The kids had a ball hunting for eggs

 These two girls are two months apart and SO sweet. Seriously - are they not the cutest things?

Harper was on a candy high!

We are so grateful for friends who are like family to spend the day with, a church who preaches the Bible and has a heart for reaching the lost, two special girls to celebrate the sweetest day with, and a Saviour who died for us all! 

Happy Easter!

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