Monday, April 16, 2012

Plants and a new restaurant (giveaway for my NWA friends!)

Happy Monday!!! I feel like tomorrow is my birthday because if you didn't know - Sonic is having happy hour ALL DAY tomorrow! I just felt like I need to lead with that news. :-)

We had storms this weekend but today has been a beautiful day.  We worked around the house this morning while Hollis took a nap and then we got ready and went and ate lunch and took lunch to daddy and then went to Home Depot to get some flowers for outside. The girls were so good and it was so nice that we stopped off at a local park to play for a little bit.
We ran into my friend Ashley and her daughter Avery so that was a nice surprise!

I spent ALL DAY Saturday working in our flower beds. I weeded and re-mulched them.  I wish I had a before picture - it was DREADFUL.  Just picture dried up mulch and a bed full of weeds. I had to do something before the POA put a sign in our yard or I just died of shame.  The flower beds have always been my thing but since having kids - I just don't have time to mess with it so they have really gone downhill.
The girls and I got a few flowers to put outside on our back patio and front door.  We got a lot of pink flowers for the back! I hope I can keep them alive. (pretty doubtful).
If you know how Harper has challenged me in the last year or two - you know I'm not saying this to brag but because I'm SO thankful to see results of hard work- but she has been SO sweet the last few days. Everything I ask her to do  - she says "yes mommy" and does it! She has been SO sweet and obedient and just so fun to be around. My little girl who never slept even slept until 9 a.m. today.  She is growing up so quickly and I am loving it.  She's such a big help to me. She's still busy and wild and full of drama most of the time but I see those glimpses of the little girl who is going to be a delight to raise. We were watering the flowers this afternoon and she kept saying "We need more water Sweetie". ha ha ha! 

Okay - and finally! I know most of you don't live in my area but this is something fun for my friends in NWA!!! We have a new restaurant in Rogers - Bob Evans! They are having grand opening celebrations and next week on Tuesday, the 24th - it's family night/kids eat free after 4 night! And I have two $25 gift certificates to give away. If you are local - will you leave me a comment and I'll draw 2 winners on Wednesday night so you can get the gift card and go!!!
And good to know - kids eat free EVERY Tuesday night! Bob Evans is owned by Mimi's (interesting - one of my favorites!!) and is yummy homestyle food! I'm going to be eating there next week and I hope to see y'all there too!
You may want to check out their Facebook page and like it for upcoming promotions! Bob Evans Facebook:
Bob Evans Facebook Grand Opening Tab:

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