Friday, April 13, 2012

A shower, one year appointment and ice cream

Last night we had a shower for my friend Amber. She is having her third little boy Will in just a few days!!! She picked for us to have it at Dixie Cafe and it was really fun! We had a good turn out and she got lots of cute things.
 I had the waitress take our picture and we should have moved over to the left a little - I'm sorry my friend Mary Avery's head got cut off by the chandelier. ha! Oh well - it was a fun night out with the girls!
Today Hollis had her one year doctor's appointment. We were a little late because her birthday fell during spring break and then our doctor had the stomach flu but we got there today and she got a great report! I didn't take any pictures because I was wrestling her the whole time. She's a busy girl these days.  I wanted to write her stats down because this is the only place I keep them and I'll forget if I can't look it up on here.
She was 24.8 lbs (90%) and 31.5 inches long (98%).  What can I say - we grow girls big in the Stamps family. Big and healthy! She is actually 1.5 inches taller and half a pound bigger than Harper was at this age. She seems so little to me but I guess she's not.

Harper had a good day at school today and was successful on the potty scene for once and since Hollis had to get shots she got a gift certificate for a free kid's TCBY - so I took both girls to celebrate after we got Harper from MDO. It was purely coincidence that Harper was wearing an ice cream outfit to match.  We are also excited around our house because Hollis has started walking!! Not full time but she is taking 4-8 steps at a time several times a day! My baby is almost a toddler.

I had dinner with a friend from college who was in town tonight. We had a good time visiting. I hadn't seen her in 17 years. We ate at a fun place in Fayetteville - Hugo's. And once again I forgot to take a picture.

Have a good weekend!

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