Monday, April 02, 2012

More Confessions...............

I thought it was time for a post full of more confessions from me.

1.  I feel really really REALLY bad about this one so I want to just get it out there. If you have emailed me in oh say the last few MONTHS - I'm so sorry. I just can't ever seem to get to my email. I literally haven't answered an email in weeks. I know that seems ridiculous but I get hundreds and I have had so much going on lately - there just hasn't been time. I have hours and hours of DVR'd shows I haven't watched either. We haven't seen an episode of American Idol since they got to the top 24.  I really really promise I'm going to try and answer my emails. But I want you to know - I'm not ignoring you and I'm not rude - I just don't have enough hours in my day.

2.  Hollis slept through the night for the first time Saturday night. She's almost 13 months. I used to be a little bit bitter about all the people in blog world and twitterville who talked about their kids sleeping through the night at 6 weeks but I've come to accept the fact that my girls aren't great sleepers in their early years. I'm not a fan of sleep training. I'm not against it for others but just in my own life I simply can't let a baby cry.  I've tried and I just can't do it. It's not for me. So if getting up several times a night comes along with it - I've had to realize it's not forever. I thought Harper would NEVER sleep and now she sleeps so amazing and I have to DRAG her out of bed after 8 most mornings. So it works out. :-) And I'm totally okay with it and I try not to complain too much about the no sleep.

3. My friend Janet recently lost her hair due to cancer. She is such an amazing person. A lot of guys in our church shaved their heads to support her and they are encouraging women on Easter to wear hats in support of her.  Hats on Easter is a good old Southern tradition anyway.  So I want to wear one but I am CHAWED to death. I don't look good in a hat and I feel so stupid wearing one. But I love Janet so I'm doing it. I have no idea what I'm going to wear on Easter but as soon as I figure it out - I'm going hat shopping this week!

4.  I am already in summer mode and I've decided this is going to be my Bohemian summer. I usually like to fix my hair, put on makeup, wear a cute outfit every day. But I've decided this summer I want to just go with my wavy hair and constantly wear just casual stuff so we can always be ready to play in the park or go for a walk. I'm hoping to have a lot of outside activity this summer and maybe I can finally lose some weight. I just can't wait for a low key, relaxed summer. I don't want to make any plans and I don't want to jump up with an alarm clock every morning to get ready before the girls are up.
This is SO not me. And yet maybe it is.

5. This is maybe a bad parenting confession but it was our turn to take donuts to Sunday School yesterday and we had some leftover including donut holes. Harper asked for one all afternoon but I never let her have one.  Last night we put her to bed and we were in our room and heard some little feet pattering around. Scott said "I bet she is going to try and get a donut" so we hid and watched her. Y'all it was hilarious. She snuck around until she thought the coast was clear and then went for it. We busted her and her face was priceless. She already had a donut hole stuffed in her mouth. I didn't even really have to get on to her - she knew she was in trouble. She ran her little self to bed and didn't come out until this morning. Scott and I were laughing so hard we couldn't breathe. Scott said she probably just couldn't go to sleep until she had a donut. I can't blame her - I feel the same way some days. 

That's just some random thoughts for a Monday!

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