Saturday, March 31, 2012

Crawfish Boil Birthday

Laurie's 40th birthday wasn't over just yet.  Her husband Steve planned a little surprise party for her tonight. He had her parents come up today to surprise her. Her friend Beth took her this afternoon out to shop and do some stuff and while they were gone, her parents came and Scott and Steve went and got stuff ready to do a crawfish boil tonight. It was just a small party for us.

 The girls had the best time playing outside together. We have had the best weather. It's been in the 80's - going to be near 90 tomorrow and I just have switched to summer mode. I have to keep reminding myself it's only March.
 Harper didn't eat any crawfish since she's allergic to fish but she went CRAZY over the live crawfish. She carried them around and talked to them and played with them.  So did Emily and Beth's son Baylor.
 It was fun to have Laurie's parents there. They are just like family to me.
 Emily and Sarah Kate were dressed up in their princess gowns.
 Steve is a sweet husband to organize a little party for Laurie.  Laurie had called and got a baby sitter for tonight so they could have a date and I had to tell Steve and then cancel the sitter. ha! I'm glad she told me her plans!
 Harper isn't scared of anything. She puts her hand in horses mouths and walks right up to lions. We keep saying she is going to end up on the Discovery Channel one day as the next Crocodile Hunter or something.
 This was Laurie when she walked in and saw us and her parents. She was very surprised. It's been a fun week for her!
 Me and Hollis
 Scott and Steve worked all day on the food
 She had so much fun
 Beth and her husband Joey
 Emily, Harper and Baylor and their friends. They were putting them down the slide and carrying them around.  They have never had so much fun as they did with these crawfish. We were dying laughing and saying for Christmas we were skipping gifts and just getting them all a pet crawfish.
Steve had pizza for the kids and Harper even sat her friend down next to her while she ate. I was dying laughing and had to take a picture.

The girls were getting fussy and we had to leave early before they had cake- which had a picture of a cat on it. If you know Laurie - that is totally appropriate.

What a fun week.
I'm worn out.

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