Sunday, March 25, 2012

The week before the baby comes

I am doing a series of posts about mothering that are sponsored by Huggies and BlogHer. I love doing this because I get to write about subjects I love and I'm not really promoting any products - just sharing my personal tales of mothering.

Today I'm talking about the week before delivery - what to do last-minute to get ready for baby to come.  

For my first baby, Harper, I took my maternity leave starting a week before I was due so I would have time to finish up all my nesting and feel rested before the baby came.  I'm so glad I did that.  I spent the week cleaning and organizing - knowing we would have family staying with us after Harper came, I wanted things as neat as possible.  I finished up washing all her clothes and getting her room completely ready for her to come home to.  One thing I did before each of my girls was born was make and freeze 8-10 meals and that was SO handy.  We are fortunate that our friends and Sunday School class made us meals after each baby.  Between them and our family being here, I didn't have to cook for close to a month, but even after that it was SO nice to be able to pull something out of the freezer to pop in the oven while I was still trying to get a balance of caring for my kids.  I made and froze the meals over a span of a few weeks before I had each girl and I would totally recommend that! 

I usually wait until the last few days to pack my hospital bag because it's usually things I still need every day.  I learned I didn't have to over-pack - even for a several-day stay after a C-section.  I just took comfortable pajamas and a robe, a coming-home outfit, toiletries and outfits for the babies. 

Before Harper was born I decided to make cookies for our guests when they came to visit.  I also made goodie bags for all the nurses who would be caring for me.  I put a lot of work into both of those things.  Harper had a difficult birth and ended up being air-flighted to a NICU and I wasn't able to pass out the cookies or the goodie bags.  (Not that it mattered at ALL in those awful moments.)  So when Hollis came around, I went much easier - I had a friend who bakes amazing cookies make some and I skipped the goodie bags.  I did like having something to hand out to guests when they came to visit me.
This was me making cookies a few days before I had Harper. 
We put the car seats in our cars a few weeks before we had each girl.  I had the police department in our town install them so I knew they would be safe. 
Those were all things I did to get ready for the baby the week before.  Did you do anything extra or different?
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