Tuesday, March 27, 2012

March Sponsors

I decided this year I would do a few sponsors a month for free to help promote small businesses. I put the word out and got way more response than I could use but I also went to several friends and other places I have enjoyed shopping to see if they were interested.
Some of my March sponsors are ones that I have shopped at in the past and thought I would share!

Sugar and Spice Boutique is actually a good friend of a good friend and she makes the cutest clothes! All kinds of neat monogrammed and appliqued outfits! (You know I'm a fan!)

The girls have the cutest Easter outfits from there. Actually - I think a bunny outfit can be worn all spring so we will get a lot of wear out of these cute little shirts and skirts. They wore them today and I thought they looked adorable!

Gracious May makes the cutest little shoes I've ever laid eyes on.  We have had two pairs and have worn them to death. ADORABLE!!!! I can't stand it. Ya'll are also always asking me where I get Hollis' soft head bands. They also make those.
They are a little pricey for headbands but Hollis has worn this more than she has worn any bow. We wear it CONSTANTLY and it's soft so it won't bother a baby's head and Hollis never pulls it off. I LOVE them! And I don't normally put them on Harper but toddlers and bigger girls could wear them too and look adorable! These are my absolute favorite headbands. It's worth the money.

Pumpkins Butter Kids also has the CUTEST monogrammed and apliqued outfits ever! I LOVE LOVE her stuff. Hollis wore a cute outfit from the fall that I adored.

AND I have a favor!!!

There is a girl named Whitney who goes to my church. She is in college now (at the OTHER OBU) but she has this amazing voice. I think she sounds like a Christian Adele. I heard her sing for the first time when she was probably 10 years old and I nearly fell over because at 10 she sounded like a 25 year old woman. I have begged her mom to get her on American Idol. Anyway - she is on a site where every 90 days - they take the top artist and help them get a recording contract. I would love to help her. She has a heart for the LORD and a TALENT!!!! Please check her out and vote for her!
(She's #74 - if y'all would all vote for her we could EASILY get her in first place!)

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