Sunday, March 25, 2012

Deep in the Heart of Texas

  We started our weekend early because my mom came over Thursday afternoon and kept the girls so Scott and I could have a date for his birthday a few days early.  We went to our town's newest restaurant, Flying fish and it was SOOOOOO good! The fried shrimp was the best! If you live near me - you have to go.
My mom and I planned a little girls trip to Dallas to visit our family.  It's been too long since I've seen my family so this was a good chance for us to go.  We left Friday morning and came back this afternoon.  It was a fun trip but I'm not going to lie - traveling with two toddler/preschoolers is a challenge. A BIG challenge. I was SO glad thought that I was able to go see my grandma and that she could see the girls.
We went Friday to visit my grandma. She lives with my Aunt Kathy and my Uncle Tom. 
The girls were good but also had to get out some energy after a 6 hour car trip. 
My grandmother fell and broke her hip 6 weeks ago.  They told her it would be 3 months before she could stand on her feet again but she went Friday morning to the doctor and they said she was doing so well - she could start walking! Thankful for answered prayers and the strong woman my grandmother is!
Saturday we got together with my some of my SIL's family. This is my sweet SIL Carrie and her mom and sister Claire.  We had a good time seeing them.  We had a good lunch and the highlight was a kale salad Carrie's cousin made. I've never had kale and this was one of the yummiest things I've ever eaten. I can't wait to try this recipe. (If you have never had kale - you should try this!)
My girls with their Nonny and great aunt.
I love this girl - fake smile and all

Saturday night - Chris and Carrie had our families over for dinner. My brother Chris is a GREAT cook and he made steak fajitas. It was SO good. I ate way too much.  They have the cutest house and best back yard. It is already so warm in Texas (and in AR).  It felt like summer outside even though it is only March. We ate outside and the girls had the best time playing. Their hair got so curly in the Texas humidity.

Harper was very smitten with her Uncle Chris. She followed him everywhere.  Of course she had a mouth full of food when I tried to take her picture with him.
Today is Scott's 36th birthday. My present to him was a whole weekend of peace and quiet. ha! Harper and I went and got him an ice cream cake. She picked it out.  We celebrated with a little family party tonight. Happy birthday Scott! I love you SO much! I can't imagine anyone I'd rather spend my life with!

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