Monday, March 19, 2012

The rest of our weekend.....

 I thought I'd share some more tidbits from our weekend.  Harper just makes me laugh.  Her grandparents got here Friday night and she was running around being such a hostess, "Gigi, do you want something to drink? Pap-paw, do you want me to blow on your pizza?".  We put her to bed and about 30 minutes later she comes out carrying this tray and said "Is anyone hungry? I made food and tea." ha! Hostess with the mostest in training.
 Saturday afternoon after the party and everyone left, we changed the girls into their green dresses and decided to finally go see the new museum in our town.  The Walton family (wal-mart) built an extremely nice art museum in our town that opened in November. I'm ashamed to say that Saturday was the first time I had been. I have been waiting and waiting to go.  They have these amazing trails that walk all around it and we have done that a lot but I wasn't sure how the girls would do.  We are standing next to a famous Gilbert Stuart picture of George Washington.
 The museum is very modern and has a lot of glass that looks out on beautifully landscaped surroundings. It's full of American art and there are some amazing pieces.  It's so hard to believe that this museum is here in our little town in Arkansas.
 I loved the architecture.
 The girls did really good.  Harper basically put on lipgloss the entire time we were there and Hollis was pretty content.  Wal-mart donated a ton of money so the museum is free to everyone forever. So I think we will make a lot of trips there this summer and for years to come. I'm thankful to have something so neat in our little corner of the world.
 You can see more about Crystal Bridges here
 Yesterday we went to church and then went out to eat.  I didn't know until that morning that it was my in-laws 40th wedding anniversary.  So I thought we needed to celebrate. Of course the girls did not do well at the restaurant so I ended up sitting in the car with them while the rest of the family ate. That's life.
 It's been so warm here that we have broke out our spring clothes and white shoes (gasp!) a little early this year.  Harper looked so sweet.
We had a lazy afternoon. I took advantage of help being here and tried to get some things done while they played with the girls. 

I gave Harper her first french braid last night. It's not too great because have you ever tried to braid a wild tiger's hair? That's how I felt. She was moving around like crazy but she was SO proud of her hair afterwards.  I feel like she is growing up so fast. Lipgloss and braids are replacing pacis and diapers WAY too fast!

AND - y'all keep asking - I got my shirt off Zulily. The brand is Trinity? I love it - I've already worn it a ton. And my stroller is a City jogger double stroller. I love it. Absolutely love it. It took me MONTHS to decide if I even needed a stroller but I know this spring/summer I'm going to get miles of use out of it. I looked and looked until I found a pretty good deal. You can do it - just keep watching the "net"!

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