Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Dressing for your Pregnancy

I'm going to be doing a series of posts on motherhood for the coming months sponsored by BlogHer and Huggies.  I'm excited to do this because I love the topics and I think it's something most of us can identify with and it's a subject close to my heart! I hope you will enjoy this series and pipe in with your comments and suggestions!

My first topic is on Dressing for Pregnancy!!! I always got a lot of questions on this anyway so it's fun to finally write about.

I honestly thought it was really fun to dress when I was pregnant - when else is it totally okay that your stomach sticks out and you aren't trying to camoflauge it? ha! The thing I didn't really love is maternity clothes but the great thing is you can pretty much wear your way through your pregnancy in mostly regular clothes.

 This is me at 15 weeks in my second pregnancy.  For the first 20 weeks or so - you can mostly get away with normal clothes and thankfully I had a lot of dresses that were loose or drop waist that I could wear through the first half or more of my pregnancy. This is great for when you feel big but aren't really showing yet.

 18 weeks

The best purchase you can make is a good pair of black maternity pants and a few pairs of jeans. I had mostly winter pregnancies so that's the season I dressed for - summer you can wear maternity shorts or a lot of loose dresses.  And then hopefully you can take things you already own and make them work.

 I took a lot of shorter dresses and made them into tunics.  Your big stomach can make dresses short but they are perfect over jeans or leggings.  Paired with a cute cardigan and boots - you can look polished and cute even at 25 weeks pregnant!
 One of my favorite things to wear during pregnancy is the maxi dress.  It's forgiving and comfortable and yet very stylish.  And the great thing is you can continue to wear the dresses long after the baby is here and you aren't ready for form fitting clothes yet. 
This is me at 38 weeks.  In all of the pictures above the only maternity item I'm wearing besides jeans is this pink shirt.  I think it's great to buy a few longer shirts for the end of your pregnancy.  Most normal shirts won't cover your belly at the end.  A few key items mixed with things you already own will carry you through your pregnancy.  Mix in a lot of fun accessories - big chunky necklaces or fun earrings - this will help you feel special and update any look.

One of the other favorite items I had during my pregnancy was a great nursing tank top.  I bought several and wore them during both my pregnancies, while I nursed and beyond.  They are just really comfortable.  I think it's also important to realize (because I really didn't know it would be this way the first time around) - unless you are some lucky supermodel - for a few months after you have the baby you will still look semi pregnant.  These maternity clothes will help carry you for a while after the baby is here. So choose items you can like for a while.  And possibly wear in a second or third or fourth pregnancy!

What is your favorite tip for maternity dressing?

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