Saturday, March 17, 2012

Hollis' First Birthday Party

Today we had Hollis' first birthday party.  I decided it would be best if we just had a small family party this time around and I'm so thankful we did - it just went so well.  We just have so many friends and I love all of them and want to invite them all but I knew I would be a wreck if we had 60 little kids running through our house so we kept it small and it was a nice day! (Warning - there are about to be 572 pictures ahead)
I wanted to keep things simple but still decorate and make it fun.  I didn't have a theme- just did a lot of pink and did a lot of decorations that I can re-use over the years.  The sign in the first picture was made by Paisley Greer.  I love it because we can use it every year.  And I love using pink mesh to decorate with.

This cute sign was made by Wiggles and Giggles.  I had one for Harper that they made and I love that we are able to use these over and over.  It's so cute!
This was Hollis' smash cake.  I loved it.  I had a local bakery Shelby Lynne's make the cakes.  I told them I didn't have a theme -just pink and I love paisleys.
The cake for the rest of us matched and was red velvet. 
My best friend Laurie and her husband are like family to us (well they are actually our second cousins) so they came to the party also. I made little goodie bags for our girls with things I knew they would love. And they did.  They love all things princess and girly.  I included princess lip gloss and no lie Harper has put 10,000 coats on her lips since this morning. 
I served BBQ for lunch and then we had cake and ice cream.  It was a pretty easy little party! And yummy!
My people.
My girls are EXTREMELY blessed to have the grandparents they do.  And my aunt Linda came too! She is so good to my girls. They are lucky to have a great aunt who adores them.
The girls with their Gigi and Pap-paw
Nonny and Papa with the HBS's
"Hey Hollis - how excited are you about your party?" "THIS MUCH!"
Hollis isn't walking just yet but she LOVES for you to hold her hands and walk her around
Birthday girl
Harper and the two girls she loves most in life "Tarah Tate (Sarah Kate) and Emiwee (Emily)"
This picture just makes my heart happy.  Look how much Hollis loves Laurie!
The kid's table
One reason I was glad we kept the party small is Hollis wouldn't take her morning nap today. So by lunch time she was MELTING down. So we ended up putting her down for a nap while we ate lunch and opened her gifts. She woke up while we ate cake and we let her do her cake eating.  Hey - a one year old party is really more for the adults. 
I love this picture. My girls LOVE their daddy.
Hollis wasn't too sure about her cake but big sister came to the rescue and showed her how good it was!
Harper showed her the ropes and Hollis finally got into it.
Yeah Baby! Why have I been wasting my time with all those peas?
Look how much you have changed and grown in such a short year? I feel like just yesterday we were in the hospital together! I had so much fun celebrating Hollis' birthday today! It was a special day filled with people who love her so much!

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