Sunday, March 04, 2012

Low Key Weekend

We had a VERY low key weekend this weekend which was actually a big blessing because the next 3-4 weekends are packed full of fun so it's nice to just lay low.  A sweet friend sent Harper some summer hand me downs and included several disney princess nightgowns.  This is Harper's first time to wear a nightgown. We have graduated up from footie pj's.  Such a big girl!!! She was SMITTEN with the gowns! (Thank you Melissa!!!!)
I had to include this picture because it's just a typical Harper pose. She goes from SWEET to SASS in 30 seconds flat.  She is such a mess. We will have so much to laugh about one day when she is grown.
 One of Harper's favorite things is to "get ice cream and play" at CFA and we haven't done it in forever so we took her Saturday.  She had the BEST time.  She played her little heart out and was in there bossing around all the little boys.  She told me Friday night as I was putting her to bed that she "LOVED boys".  And then she was naming off all the boys she loved.  We are in so much trouble when she is a teenager.
I gave Hollis her first little taste of Ice cream.  I don't think she liked it. I keep wondering if she is my child? She prefers veggies over anything. Precious girl. She went in the playground and had so much fun. She sat in my lap but ended up climbing by herself into the slide. She was laughing and having the best time!
It's not easy these days to get a picture of my girls together.  Harper is a little better about posing but Hollis doesn't want to sit still.  This was the girls right after church today.  How could you not love these sweet little faces?
This makes me laugh - they are doing the same exact thing.

We had a great church service today. I'm looking forward to a great week, how about you?

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