Friday, March 02, 2012

Home is where the heart is

My big girl is home!!!!

And I was thrilled because she acted so happy to see me. She kept hugging me - it just made my heart so happy.  I have barely seen her in two weeks and I've missed her so.  

The girls in the family

I'm SOOOO thankful to my parents for all the help they give me. I don't take it for granted because I know not everyone has parents that are so willing to help. Scott's parents are the same way.  I don't know how to pay them back.  I keep hoping one day I can keep Harper and Hollis' kids and be that kind of grandma.  

We had a women's event at church last night and it was so good. I'm so mad because I didn't take one picture. I was busy greeting and then cleaning up.  We called it the "Sweet Retreat".  We had a dessert buffet and a woman in our church had planned to give her testimony but she ended up having to have surgery today and couldn't.  So her husband offered to step in instead.  He's a police officer and one of the most Godly men I know.  He shared what Stacy wanted to share and it was SO good.  I took a few things away that I thought I would share with y'all.

Joe and Stacy every day of their marriage (I think 15 years?) after they do their quiet time - they write each other a love note in a shared journal of what God said to them in scripture and how much they love each other.  Isn't that sweet? I told Scott and he said "EVERY DAY?" ha! But I think we might just see if we could do that. 

They have a daughter who is in college (she just happens to be a tri chi at OBU! :-)) and when she was a junior - they let her pick out a Bible and Joe carried it as his Bible that year and Stacy carried it the next year and they studied out of it and wrote notes to her and underlined important passages and just filled the Bible with things they wanted to share with her and then they gave it to her at graduation.  How special that she can pull that out at college and see encouragement from her parents.  I'm TOTALLY doing that for our girls!

And the last thing is on their wall they have the words "Represent Him well" on their wall and they always tell their children each day to "Represent Him well".  That family truly does and my prayer each day is that I remember to represent Jesus.

(I just realized the math of their story might not make sense - Joe and Stacy adopted all 3 of their children.  Two they adopted were older ages. I can't remember details of their story because it's been a while since I heard it but it's a really neat story. They are amazing parents with amazing kids). 

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