Monday, March 05, 2012

Almost one

I can't believe that in just 11 days - this little girl will be ONE! This year has flown by! I looked in her mouth tonight and saw two new teeth popping in.  (Which hopefully explains how bad her sleeping has been the past few weeks).  She is cruising around and so close to taking a step!  She is such a blessing to our lives!

Do you think she looks like me????? 

I need to put some little boy pictures of Scott up - y'all are always trying to guess who the girls look like.  I thought I would make it easy.  Hollis is mini me and Harper is mini Scott. But their personalities are reversed.  ha! ha! 

I'm working this week planning her first birthday party.  We decided to just do a small family party but I'm still doing some fun decorations - I want it to be special - just smaller! I can't wait to share about it! Harper is not too thrilled that the party is not for her.  She keeps saying "Hollis is going to be one. But Harper is having a party". ha!

This is another picture of me - Hollis also looks like my brother but I couldn't find his baby pictures. 

And can y'all please pray for a special family? You may remember seeing Savannah on the news report I was just on recently. She met her husband on SUYL singles and got married less than 2 weeks ago.  Last week while she was on her honeymoon - her brother and SIL, Nathan and Amy, put their sweet little boy Tucker to bed and when they went to check on him later he was unresponsive.  He was only about 2 months older than Hollis. I have been so heartbroken for them.  I don't think they really know yet what happened.  Their family has so much faith but this is something that can shake even the strongest of faiths.  It's just unfathomable.  Savannah and Aaron came home early from their honeymoon and Tucker's memorial service was this morning.  Could you please remember them in your prayers?
I've been squeezing both my girls but especially Hollis a little tighter this week and constantly in prayer for them.

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