Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Rainy Days

 It's spring break around here so everything is cancelled for the week and we have just been spending our time at home.  It's also been raining cats and dogs so we have been having PJ days here.  I'm SOOOO thankful to be a stay at home mom but sometimes I'm not so good at the whole staying home part.  I like to be on the go and my girls just do better when we have things to do and places to go.
So today we planned a play date with some friends we rarely get to see. They live 30 minutes away and their MDO days fall opposite of ours so we can never work out a play date. I was so excited to spend the morning with them.
 I got the girls dressed and tried to get a few pictures. Of course most pictures turn out like the first one. Harper is finally mostly happy to pose but Hollis wants no part of it.
 I know she is mine and she can be a stinker sometimes but goodness gracious she is adorable. I just love her so much.  Three year old attitude and all!
She just makes me laugh.
 We spent the morning at my friend Rebekah's house with Jennifer and Sydney.  We had 4 three year olds and 3 one year olds. It's good to be with these girls because they just understand the chaos. We are all living the same life right now.  The kids were running around playing and then ended up on Rebekah's bed watching Mickey Mouse. Good old Mickey.
These sweet little girls, Hollis and Emerson, are just a month apart.  Emerson is already walking everywhere. Thankfully we aren't there yet. We had a great time and the girls both passed out in the car on the way home.

I'm taking meals to two families I have prayed for today.  Thankfully I remembered this time. (Well -I ALMOST forgot one of them but remembered in time).  I'm taking my standard new baby meal - poppyseed chicken, rice, green beans and butterfinger cake.  One of the families I have never met but I've been praying for their baby Crew and I asked you to also. Please keep remembering them. He was born with some issues and has already had two major surgeries and is in a body cast. He is fighting infection and is in a lot of pain. His parents have two other small children and is mother is having to play nurse as well as take care of all 3 of them.   Keep Crew's mom Marie especially in your prayers. I feel like so many of my friends are dealing with a lot of hard things right now and I feel so helpless.  My heart is so heavy for a friend who just had a brand new baby a couple of weeks ago and is now on her way home where her mother is dying of cancer.

Count your blessings today and pray for those who are having a hard time.

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