Thursday, February 02, 2012

One on One time

Harper has had an ear infection this week. Her first one in two years.  She has been crying about her ear hurting so I haven't had her wear her hearing aids. (I have no idea if I'm even handling this right - I need more friends with kids with special ears.) Since she is taking a little break from her hearing aids - it seemed like a waste of time to go to speech this week. Her therapist agreed so we skipped today.

I have a sitter that comes to stay with Hollis while we do speech so I let her come anyway today and I thought I would take Harper out for a little one on one time.  She is SO jealous of Hollis and I can just tell that she needs extra attention from me. I try to give her as much as I can at night but I thought we could use a little fun time together! We didn't do anything terribly exciting but I think it was nice to just have special time alone.  And I love that I get alone time with Hollis when Harper goes to school.  I think kids need "special dates" with their parents from time to time.
 What else can make a girl smile this big than a date at Krispy Kreme??? Harper and I both share a love language of donuts.
 I needed formula and diapers and Target had some great coupons this week so we did that next. I tried to make it fun by letting Harper spend time on the Disney Princess aisle. I'm thankful that she loves to look and never asks to keep. 
 Next we went to our play group and ate lunch and spent time with our friends. We don't get to do that anymore because of speech so that was a treat. My friend Amanda gave all the kids bubbles so we came home and played outside with those.
 We showed sister our bubbles and then we went for a walk! Thankful for almost 70 degrees in February. If the groundhog says 6 more weeks of winter - at least this is the winter we are having!
I think this smile says it all - it was nice to spend a little mommy/Harper time!

I'll have the Singles Link up late tonight!!!! I'm excited to see if anything happens!!!!!

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