Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Little Tidbits

A couple of nuggets:

*** If you live in my area - you need to check out a great new website all for moms! And they are having an AWESOME giveaway if you are having birthdays coming up!!! Check it out and bookmark the site!

*** I wrote a little post today on all about Super Bowl snacks. I found some great ideas on Pinterest and shared some of my favorites. If you have a party coming up this weekend - it might help!

*** Will you pray for a little baby named Crew? He was born recently and has bladder extrophy.  It's extremely rare and he will face many surgeries. He was scheduled for an extensive surgery in the morning but I just got word that it had to be cancelled because he has an infection.  Please pray for little Crew and his sweet family.

*** Pray for baby Brenna. She was born with a rare skin disease.  She could use our prayers.

***Wow - read this story and pray for this special little boy and his very special parents.

***I wanted to thank you for all of your encouraging words earlier in the week.  I'm thankful for blogs for so many reasons but more than anything to never feel alone in parenting or in so many other ways.  It's so good to hear from so many of you. Always!

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