Thursday, February 02, 2012

Show us your life - SHOW US YOUR SINGLES!!!!

Who are these four lovely couples???

Well - I'm GLAD you asked. They are four couples who are married or engaged and met through SUYL Singles Friday right here!!!! And I know of five other couples who are seriously dating. So .........THIS can work!!!!!

I want to start this off by saying a few words and giving a few rules.

First of all - I don't want this to be any kind of meat market. This is an idea born out of my heart for singles and my desire for all my single friends (and all you bloggers) to find the right person. I have no idea if anything will happen out of this but I figure - I have a ton of readers all over the country - if or e-harmony work - why not try this? It's obviously working!!!!

What my heart is that if you put your self out there and nothing happens -

do not feel rejected or deflated. The ONLY reason it doesn't work is this is NOT where God wants to you to meet that right person. But for the few people who might meet someone - PLEASE keep me updated down the road! I love to share with everyone the results and it might determine if we want to never do this again or if I want to quit blogging and start a full time matchmaking service. ha ha ha! Just kidding!

AND ..............HERE'S HOW THIS WORKS:
1. This is NOT just for people in AR - you can be from anywhere (probably U.S. only) - and people will put where they are from so you can choose geographically!

2. If you have a blog - on Friday - blog about yourself or a loved one and tell us about them/you. Post a lot of pictures and tell us as much as you can.  Link up and give the first name, age, and location (you don't have to be specific - (i.e. Dallas area, Chicago, North Alabama.....whatever).

3. If you are single - come and look at the links - if you see someone you are interested in - leave a comment telling a little about yourself and your info. You could link to your blog or facebook or whatever.

4. If you want to participate but don't have a blog - either find a friend to do it for you or just go through the links to look at available singles.

5. You have to let me know if anything works out.

6. I'm adding a rule that you must be 21. Just for a few reasons. I'm going to take down any entries who are under 21. Please don't take offense - I just think it might be better that way.


I'm going to work on getting up a post with all the success stories! I promise! It's coming soon!!!!!

Let's make some Love Connections!!!

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