Thursday, February 16, 2012

Nonny in the house

 I've been a little off the grid the last couple of days.  We girls have been busy!
 My mom came to visit us yesterday.  My dad is in Dallas with my grandma.  (You can keep her in your prayers - she fell and broke her hip and has been in the hospital and will be moving to a rehab place this weekend.)  Nonny kept the girls last night and Scott and I had a little unplanned date night. It might have involved chips and salsa. :-)
 This morning Harper and I headed to Little Rock for a hearing appointment. Nonny kept Hollis at our house to make it easy on everyone.  I was so thankful - we usually have tough days when we all make that trip but it was a really easy day with just Harper! She was really good today!

 Harper had a good appointment.  I'm thankful for ACH - it's a great place to go.
 We finished our appointment early so we got lunch and went over to visit one of my oldest friends Jamie.  We ate our lunch there and played for a little bit.  Jamie has three sweet kids. Her oldest Rhett was in school but Harper had so much fun with Alexee and Crosby.  I wish we lived closer - I think they would have a lot of fun together!
 Sweet Jamie and kids
I got home tonight and we ate dinner and got the girls ready for bed.  Harper is going home with Nonny to spend a few days.  She is SOOOO excited. She can't stop talking about it. I hope Nonny and Papa are ready for her!

Don't forget to enter the Blue Door Boutique giveaway. I will draw winners tomorrow night! I know there are a lot of entries but you NEVER know! It would be a great prize!!!

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