Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines Day 2012

I was feeling sentimental last night and I couldn't help but share - here is Harper on her first Valentines in 2009.  She was just about a month old and had just gotten home from the hospital.  Seems like yesterday.
And here she was just a little older than Hollis - opening all her valentines from a party we went to.

I decided to make up little goodie bags for her friends at MDO and church this year.  I used picnik.com to put words on a picture and printed them at walmart.  It cost about $3 to make 30 valentines! And then I put some play dough and little candy in gift bags and tied it up with cute red and pink ribbon I already had on hand. I thought they turned out cute. We took these to church with us today because we had Bible Study.

My funny valentines

Sometimes these sisters can  be sweet.
We had a fun day.  Yesterday because of our snow we stayed home all day and today we were gone all day. We went to Bible Study and then I had a women's council meeting and lunch with my two friends Laurie and Rachel (I wish I had thought to take their picture).  We ate at CFA which we thought was funny to be there without our kids.  When I picked up the girls we headed to Wal-Mart.  Harper's valentine treat was a big mylar balloon.  Those balloons are her love language so I let her pick out any one she wanted and she wanted the "big pink fish".

 Laurie invited us to come over and play afterwards so we went over there.  Emily loves Hollis. She is so sweet to her.
Harper and Sarah Kate are just two of a kind.  They are almost like the same person and it's fun to see them playing together.  Laurie and I just sit back and laugh.  They both give us a run for our money but we also know that God made them that way for a reason.

We are doing Priscilla Shirers "Resolution for Women" at church and today was perfect for the day - it was about fulfilling your husband.  I'm very convicted to make him my top priority and make him feel loved. It's easy with small children to put our husbands on the back burner but our marriage is so important.  I see divorce all around me constantly. I feel like every time I get on facebook - someone else is getting a divorce. Marriage is TOUGH.  I certainly don't have a perfect one but I am VERY blessed to have Scott as my husband.  We celebrated valentines tonight with leftover taco soup.  No candles, no roses, no steak dinner.  But Scott giving Harper a bath and playing with Hollis while I fix dinner is all the romance I need.

I hope you each had a good Valentines.  Even if you are single ..........I hope you know that Valentines can still be a day of hope of days to come. And I hope you all know you already received the greatest Valentine EVER given - God loved you so much that He gave His only son that you might be saved.  John 3:16   No flowers or candy or jewelry can ever beat that!

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