Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My girls

I got up today, put on make-up (which I ended up going and buying all new yesterday just in case there was any danger of it being infected. I wasn't thrilled but better to buy new makeup than pay for another hospital visit), got dressed and went to church today.  I was so happy to be back among the living.  I thought I would just show you that I'm all better.  My mouth is still a little weird but hopefully it will go normal soon.  I'm in line at Sonic if you can't tell. ha!
 My mom has Harper again and I'm missing her so much.  She is not missing me. She is having the best time. We talked today in Bible study about building a spiritual legacy and how things we do today and choices we make will affect generations to come. I'm so affected by my grandparents - they all four had/have a huge impact on my life and I'm beyond thankful that my girls have four grandparents who adore them and who they get to spend time with.  I can never thank our parents enough for all they do for them. I know when my girls are older, they will always talk very lovingly about their grandparents.

Hollis is just the sweetest baby in the world. I love seeing her little personality starting to really shine!  She has started getting into all cabinets and drawers.  We had relaxed on the baby proofing but I think we better get it back on.  She keeps standing by herself more and more.  I think walking may be in her near future.

I have to share a couple of stories my mom has told me since Harper has been with them.  I can't think about these stories without smiling because they gave me a little encouragement that I'm doing the right things.  I feel like she and I have struggled so much lately and all I want for her is to be kind and love Jesus.  Well - My mom goes to the nursing home in their town every single Sunday before church and plays the piano and loves on the residents.  She has done this since my sweet mam-ma lived there.  This is just who my mom is - that's the kind of legacy she gives me.
Anyway - my mom took Harper the last two Sundays with her.  I think she was a little shy the first week but this past Sunday my mom said she didn't want my mom to come with her and she walked up to each older person and would rub their arm and say "How are you doing? You doing okay today?"  Isn't that precious?

And then Sunday after church they went out to eat with several families and before anybody could eat, Harper insisted that they pray.  And then she insisted that all tables around them pray.  She kept trying to tell the other tables that they needed to pray.  ha ha!  She's kind of a Bible beater. :-)

(And I just read my mom's blog and realized she shared the same story! Love it!)

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