Monday, February 27, 2012

I wish I was that way........

I bought a couple of cute hats in the fall/early winter and I want to wear one so badly, especially on those MDO days when I roll out of bed to take Harper to school.  But I just can't pull the trigger. I'm just not a hat girl.......not matter how hard I try.  I started thinking about other things that I wish I was but I'm just not.  After 38 years I have finally accepted a few things that I'm just not.  I'm not saying I won't keep trying to work on a few of these:

*  I feel like I missed out on the home ec classes somehow. All my friends can sew and make things and are SO crafty.  I just don't have that "craft" bone.

* I wish I could wear cute workout clothes all the time and look sporty! I wear sweat pants and just look more like frumpy housewife.

* I wish I was a more scheduled mom.  I kept both girls on a regular schedule with nursing/bottles and naps but I'm not as regimented as most moms are. I just have a hard time being tied to a schedule but I think my girls might be better sleepers if I were.

* I wish I could wear cute scarfs. I have tried 100 scarfs and tied them 100 ways and I just never look cute like everyone else seems to. I'm just NOT a scarf girl.

* I wish I could not be so obsessed with keeping my house neat.  I wear myself out picking up toys and things sometimes instead of just having fun playing with the girls.  It makes me crazy but I have a hard time "letting it go".....

* I wish I liked to re-decorate.  We have been in our house 8 years and everything is essentially the same as I initially set it up.  I love to read decorating blogs and how they are constantly changing things up.  I just can't make changes well.

* I wish I could raise my hands in church to worship without feeling like a goon.  I want to worship freely but my old traditional roots just keep my hands down.  I want to not worry what people think.

* I wish I was more disciplined with sticking to a diet and exercise. I can do good for a week or two and then I just fall right back.  I wish I liked exercising.  I also wish I didn't worry about my weight constantly.

* I wish I was more into going to blog conferences or networking. I think it's so fun when I see all these bloggers going to things like Relevant or Blissdom but I would just die I think.  I never really put much thought into how to make my blog better. I probably should but I just kind of do this blog for me and don't worry about it.

* I wish I didn't care about what people think about me. I wish I wasn't always a people pleaser. But I just totally am.

What is it that you wish you were ......but you just aren't?

And P.S. I'm totally not putting myself down with this post. I know God made me a certain way and believe me - after last week, I'm just glad to be alive and have my face back to normal.  But I think there will always be things I wish I was better at. And there are probably things I can do that people wish they could. I'm totally content in who God has made me - but if I could sing like Kari Jobe I wouldn't complain. :-)

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