Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A New Table and February Sponsors

 I had a little round table in the corner of Hollis' room with a skirt on it but Hollis loves to pull up on it and I was scared it would fall on her so there is a local "junk-tique" store I love that I saw the cutest little dresser/nightstand in a picture on Facebook.  Hollis and I went and checked it out today and it was just perfect for her room. Plus it has drawers so I can put things in it.  Her poor room is just full of baskets of toys - I don't know what to do with all of their toys since their rooms double as play rooms.

I LOVE this.  It's a slightly different blue than the rest of the blues in her room but I like how it looks. And when I went to get it I realized it was in a booth that my friends Maegan and Ashley have - so that made it special that they are the ones who painted it.

Yes -it's the last day of February - actually it's a bonus day!!! So I wanted to tell you about my sponsors this month before I get new ones tomorrow!  I'm featuring 3-4 sponsors a month this year.  This is totally free - I wanted a way to promote small businesses.

Two of the sponsors this month - Ashley and Casey are the ones who actually gave me the idea. They asked if I ever had sponsors and I had seen that on other blogs and decided it would be fun to do not for profit but to hopefully help small businesses.  I've had a lot of you ask about it - I'm already full for this year but if it goes well - I'll open up again for next year so stay tuned. I'm also doing several features this year where you can link up your businesses.


Ashely has started something she calls the Shine Project.  She does a lot of community work as well as raising money for scholarships for at risk teens.  She is so pretty and has such a big heart!


Casey is a mom and an artist.  She has all kinds of great things to share on her blog! You simply must check her out!  So so much style!

So sweet Maggie (aka Gussy) sews all kinds of precious things.  Fun bags, iPad cases, head bands and they all have cute ruffles on them - right up my alley!!! I asked her several months ago if she could possibly make me a cover for my macbook and she made the CUTEST one.   I had searched all over for something like this and I just ADORE it. It makes me happy every time I pull out my computer. 

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