Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Looking for Love in all the wrong places

This picture has nothing to do with this post but if I take pictures of the girls - I have to post them. :-)

I looked back at my blog last night and on this very day, the last day in January, it has snowed here EVERY year for the last five years.  This year it is 65. Weird.

Harper has an ear infection now. The fun never ends at our house. :-)



Singles Friday is THIS Friday!!!! You know I absolutely love doing this - and we have had amazing success. SOOOOOO .........all you Single Ladies get ready to post! All you with friends of Single Ladies to Post!

BUT I REALLY need any of you with single brothers, BIL's, friends, co-workers to line them up. This will really only work if we get lots of single guys in the mix. All the success stories seem to come from people posting about a single guy and then them getting in touch with inquiring girls. It can work the other way too - but I am praying we will get some single guys on here. I know most guys are going to think this is totally stupid and cheesy and will NOT want to be involved................so maybe do it and ask forgiveness later.
Just kidding. You probably should get permission.

If you have questions - leave them in the comments and I'll get them answered! I'm excited! I'm going to a wedding that originated here in a few weeks and I'm SO giddy about it!

And spread the word - I would love to get as many single people on here as possible. 

Let's make some love connections, shall we?

AND ..............HERE'S HOW THIS WORKS:
1. This is NOT just for people in AR - you can be from anywhere (probably U.S. only) - and people will put where they are from so you can choose geographically!
2. If you have a blog - on Friday - blog about yourself or a loved one and tell us about them/you. Post a lot of pictures and tell us as much as you can.  Link up and give the first name, age, and location (you don't have to be specific - (i.e. Dallas area, Chicago, North Alabama.....whatever).
3. If you are single - come and look at the links - if you see someone you are interested in - leave a comment telling a little about yourself and your info. You could link to your blog or facebook or whatever.
4. If you want to participate but don't have a blog - either find a friend to do it for you or just go through the links to look at available singles.
5. You have to let me know if anything works out.

We have had a lot of success with this. In a few weeks - there will be the THIRD wedding! I know of at least four more that might take place in the near future. AND we had a small turn out for the "older singles" link up a few weeks ago - but I know of one success! So you just never know!!!!!

I'm going to work on getting up a post with all the success stories! I promise! It's coming soon!!!!!
If you want to see examples of what people wrote- check out:

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