Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Ten Months

Hollis - you are 10 months old!!!

You weigh 23 pounds.
You wear a size 4 diaper.
You wear 12 months clothes 
I think you are a size 2 shoe. I can't get you to wear shoes much yet.

You are SUCH a good eater and you really love feeding yourself.  You have no desire for baby food anymore.  Your favorite is avocado. I'm pretty sure you get that from me! The only thing you really don't like is sweet potatoes. I think that's so weird. But you will eat peas, corn and lima beans. Yuck! ha! 
 You are sleeping much better. Most nights you only get up once. Last night we were up 4-5 times but that is luckily getting rare. You usually take at least one good nap and on good days I can get you to take two naps.

You are so sweet and good natured! You are just a little joy! BUT you do have a temper that's starting to show up. In the past week - you have laid in the floor and kicked and screamed because you couldn't do something you wanted to do.

You still only have two teeth.  Harper had 8 teeth at this age so I think that's so fun how you are different. I'm sure your teeth will all come in at once. In fact I wonder if you are not about to get more because you have been real cranky and chewing on your hand.  I hope so!

You are still so easy to take places. And you are so good for the church nursery! You really have a pretty easy personality.  I just am so crazy about you!

You love your sister. Yesterday you and Harper were in the same room at church for a little bit while I had a meeting at church and they told me you wanted to be near Harper the whole time.  You think anything she does is hilarious.  And she loves you!

You are BUSY BUSY. You are crawling everywhere and of course your favorite things are the toilet, plugs, and the dog bowl. You keep me on your toes. You are constantly pulling up and standing on things. I wonder if you will be walking by your first birthday.

You like to play with toys and you will play a lot with things especially if Harper plays with you.  I'm thankful for this. Momma can load the dishwasher every once in a while. :-)

Here you are at one month, five months and ten months! I can't believe how quickly this year has gone.  Your hair is getting so thick and it has really lightened up. You were so dark at first but I think you will have sandy blond/light brown hair. You have brown eyes and the sweetest dimple.

Harper and Hollis at ten months.  Two very different girls. Two very special girls. 

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