Thursday, January 19, 2012

What's been going on...........

I have been close to pulling my hair out this week. I've just had all kinds of craziness.......
Tuesday I had Bible Study at church and then afterwards I had a Women's Council meeting.  When I picked up Harper - her hearing aids were no where to be found.  You know how hard it is to keep up with bows and sippy cups with a 3 yr old.  Well - having one be in charge of $4000 hearing aids - SCARY! We couldn't find them and I left church freaking out.  It was 1:30 and I hadn't eaten lunch yet so I was going to drive through Chick-fil-a to try the new tortilla soup. We have a back way from church that includes cutting through McDonalds parking lot to get to CFA.  I was so rattled and before I could get to the drive thru - I got pulled over! I was totally at fault because I wasn't wearing my seat belt (I usually ALWAYS do but I had been so shook up I just hadn't. ) I also got pulled over because the officer thought I was just trying to avoid an intersection. I had to convince him I was needing some "Christian Chicken".  Not one of my best days.  Luckily one of the sweet girls who had kept Harper in the nursery realized she had put Harper's "ears" in her pocket when they had played in the gym. Whew!!!
And then Harper learned this week to climb out of her crib. I knew this day would come. And she has climbed out approximately 548 times in the last few days. Oh dear. So this weekend - we are going to set up her a a big girl bed. And I have a feeling it will get even crazier after that.

Oh and then Scott got a ticket this morning on his way to his office. We are outlaws.  I don't think we have had tickets since we have been married and we both got one in the same week?

 Today was a crazy running around day.  Harper and I went to her speech therapy.  She is doing really well.
 Afterwards we met some friends for lunch.  I don't get to see these girls enough - they are all so sweet and easy to talk to.  I wish we had more time together.  Melissa, Kate and Ashley. 
 Me, Jennifer, Julee and sweet Preslee.  It was my first time to see Julee's baby and she is SO cute. She looks just like Julee. And Julee looked amazing!! Harper was the only kid there and she actually behaved pretty well. I was so proud of her.
 We raced home and rescued our sweet babysitter and jumped back in the car with Hollis and went to Harper's three year appointment.  Everything looked good! I am SO thankful she has such good health.  She pretty much never gets sick and I couldn't be more thankful.
 Hollis had a good morning with our sweet babysitter and we were glad to see her!
 The girls played together when we got home while I cooked dinner.
I have been trying to cook low calorie meals and I'm so bored with chicken and vegetables so today I basically made up a meal. I put salsa on top of chicken and topped it with low fat cheese. It tasted a lot like King Ranch chicken without all the fattening soup and doritos. And I LOVE black beans. I cooked them with pico and some garlic salt and lime and then topped white rice. It was SOOOO good. With a side of avacado - this was a yummy, low fat Mexican dinner. I just missed the chips, salsa and queso!

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