Monday, January 16, 2012

Harper's Birthday day

First - I have written on here a few times in the past about a little boy named Tripp. He had EB which is a HORRIBLE horrifying disease that I can't imagine any child having.  I know a lot of you have followed his story and have heard that he went to heaven on Saturday. Will you pray for his sweet mom? She is an AMAZING mom and I can't imagine what she has been through in the last three years. I have been tweeting about it but I wanted to share it here also. I know several of you left comments about him.  Their family needs our prayers. 


 Today we celebrated Harper's birthday! We really just had a normal day at home. I think Harper was pretty sure her birthday was over since we celebrated this weekend. We did chores this morning and then went on our semi weekly grocery trip. I got Harper a birthday balloon. She is always wanting those mylar balloons they have at the checkout and my answer is always "I'll get you one on your birthday" so I wanted to keep my promise!
 Harper ate one of our leftover cupcakes after lunch.
 I have been SO excited that Beauty and the Beast came out in the theatres. I knew we had to take Harper because she LOVES the movie. I thought it would be so fun to take her for her birthday. I had a sweet girl from church come and keep Hollis since it was her bed time and she wouldn't make it through a movie and so we could have special one on one time with Harper.  She wore her new Sleeping Beauty dress. She was SO excited!
We had SO much fun! Harper didn't want to wear her 3D glasses more than about half the movie.  When "Be our guest" came on - she hopped up and started twirling and dancing. Scott and I got so tickled. Other than that - she was perfect and had the BEST time. At the very end of the movie when the last song came on and Beauty and the Best were dancing she yelled "come on momma" and wanted me to get up and dance with her. ha! It was such a special memory to make with her!

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