Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sweet Friends

I'm so thankful for my friendship with my BFF Laurie that has lasted 20 years. This is us with two of my other great friends Kandi and Rebecca in college.
We lasted through living together for 7 years after college. Yes - we are common law sisters. ha! This is us on a single girls trip to Mexico.
We survived both of our weddings, marriages and having kids.  Our husbands are best friends and talk on the phone more than we do I think. ha!
There is something special about a friend who knows you so well.
Possibly one of the sweetest things from our friendship is watching our girls be friends. Sarah Kate came over today to play and I had so much fun just listening to them and watching them play together.
Isn't this the cutest thing in the world?

We started a new Bible Study at church  today and our group had several women who have been in our church and been friends for over 25 years. Their kids are best friends and some of their kids have even married each other.  I love that. My friends and I were looking at each other and saying we hope that in 20 years - we are still in Bible Study together and that our kids have grown up as best friends and maybe they will even get married! That would be the best blessing!

Can y'all please pray for one of my sweetest friends Rachel? Her nephew Xander has been battling cancer since he was 2 1/2.  He is now 10 and has defied the odds but his cancer has recently come back and is the worst its ever been.  His family is so precious and I would love if you would pray for him.  Pray for all children and their families who are battling cancer. It's so hard to understand why kids have to get sick.  Remember there is a prayer request board (link at the top of here) that you can post prayer requests and pray for others. Thank you for being prayer warriors!

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