Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sweet Miracles

I can't believe that in 5 days I will have a THREE year old! Time passes so quickly. We often refer to Harper as our miracle baby. She took us 3 years to get pregnant with her and then she had such a traumatic birth. BUT really - all children are miracles. If you have children - I'm sure you know that each one is a miracle. Hollis is no less of a miracle to us. We got pregnant with her easily and then her birth was very easy. I can't look at her without knowing how amazing God is!

Scott made this video for Harper's first birthday. Most of you may have already seen it but it was two years ago so a lot of you maybe didn't. I love to watch this and just remember how fragile life is and how grateful we are that Harper is here and healthy. I know that not every mother gets to take their baby home from the hospital. Not every child goes home healthy. It's not fair. But I do that God loves us each the same. He doesn't love me more or you less. Or you more than me. Your story is being written in your own special way. And you may not understand the complete theme of your life story until you meet Jesus one day.

I just keep remembering how when Harper was at her very sickest - we got emails from mothers who had experienced similar things and they would say "and now my little girl is 3 and running around crazy and healthy" and I couldn't even imagine that day at the time. And here I am........and Harper is 3 and running around crazy and healthy.

And I'm so overwhelmed with thankfulness. And I just want to add - thank you for SO MANY of you who prayed for us during the time she was born and have been like family and friends with us over the last three years! You are a special part of "our" story!
Harper's Arrival from Kelly Stamps on Vimeo.

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