Thursday, January 05, 2012

Show Us Your life - Show Us your OVER 40 Singles!

Welcome Welcome to the fourth Show Us Your Singles! This is the Special OVER 40 version!!!

You may think this sounds crazy..................but we have done this three times and now two couples are married, two are engaged.......and a few more are on the road to marriage. So I think we can do this!

How this works:
1. Link up your blog and tell us about yourself.
2. Link up your blog and share about a friend or family member (you might want to get permission first)
     Include lots of pictures and tell us as much about them as you can!
3. If you don't have a blog or don't want to link up but are interested.................visit the links and if you see someone interesting - leave a little about yourself and your blog or email address in the comments.

Here are some rules:
2. PLEASE PLEASE don't let your feelings get hurt (I know it's not that easy) if you don't get comments or if nothing comes of this. We may have hundreds of people link up and only one love match is made. Well - if this is all for one couple to meet and get married and have a lifetime of happiness.......then God has a different story for your life. If nothing happens - God has a different door to open for you! It's NOT personal!
3. You must be single. You must be 40 or over. (or the person you are entering must be).
4. If anything comes from this (THIS IS IMPORTANT) - you must let me know and keep me updated! And you must invite me to the wedding! :-) It's totally optional to have me be a bridesmaid. :-)

5. PLEASE READ: In the link put a first name, age, and state they live in. That makes it easier to browse.

Okay Singles!! Let's MINGLE!!!!
(February 4th is a singles day for all ages - so come back then if this one doesn't apply!)

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