Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Back to Life, Back to Reality

 Well, today was back to normal life. And I'm so glad. Harper went back to MDO today. I think she was glad to get back to "school" and I was glad to have time to get some things done.
 I tried to get our Christmas down. I know..........I'm late. I have two babies underfoot - I figure it's a miracle I got anything up or down at this stage in my life.  I didn't get very far because Hollis refused to take a morning nap.  Since she wouldn't nap - I pretty much didn't do anything but hold her.
 So we watched Passion on line instead. I think maybe God knew I just needed a little revival time instead of work time. He was right. It was amazing.
This little girl is pretty amazing too. :-)
Tonight we met our Sunday School girls up for dinner before a big youth service at church.  Now I'm home to try and get more Christmas down after the girls go to bed.  It's about to be that big empty feeling you get when the christmas is all down. I have a few re-decorating projects I'd like to do around my house. My first project is our mantle. It needs some updating. I struggle SO much with decorating a mantle. So I'm hoping to hit up Pinterest and look for ideas. Hopefully things I can just juggle around from other rooms!

Oh - and we got Harper a pair of tap shoes the other day so we could start back to dance class. She put them on and started dancing. I couldn't resist sharing with you. Ignore how crazy I'm acting and those hot pink tights.

Don't forget about the "older" singles day on Friday!!! I hope you will link up or link your friends or family up! I'm excited about it!

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