Thursday, June 23, 2011

Show Us your Life - Show us Your SINGLES!!!!

YEAY - it's my favorite day!!!!

If you are new here - we have done this twice before with GREAT results!! SEVEN couples (yes 7! I just heard from a new one today!) have started dating seriously and one of those couples are already married and one is getting married in a couple of months! (and I hope to do a post soon sharing some of their stories!!!)

SO - we will keep doing this! I have a heart for singles. I was 30 when I got married and I waited a long time for the right one. There is NOTHING wrong with you if you aren't married.........but if you have a desire to be married and are waiting for God's best - I am praying for you and if I can do something to help - then I'm all about it!

So here is how it works:

Write a post about someone close to you who is single - sister, brother, friend (probably should get their permission first). Post lots of pictures and tell us as much as you can about them. Or post about yourself or find someone who will. Then link up here.

Next - if you are single - whether someone posted about you or not - go through the links and look around. If you see someone interesting - leave a comment with your name, email and maybe a link to your blog or facebook. And then hopefully there will be some connections. If you don't connect with anyone - please don't get discouraged. If you post and get no comments - it's NOT YOU!!! It's just not God's will for you to meet on this silly blog!

And finally - if you DO make a connection and it works out - you have to email me and let me know your story. And if you get married and want to use Harper and Hollis as your flower girls - you totally can. You just have to buy them monogrammed dresses to wear. (Totally kidding).

OH - and if you aren't single and don't know anyone who is single.......can you just do this for me? Please pray for those who will be linking up or looking through the links. Pray for God's will for each of them. I would LOVE it if you would do that for us!!!

Okay - when you link up - please put their first name, age, and state where they live!

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