Monday, January 16, 2012

Three Years Old

My sweet Harper Brown,

You are three years old today! I can hardly believe it.  It seems like JUST yesterday I was checking into the hospital with so much anticipation to meet you! Your birth was nothing like I expected and your first month was not what we had planned...........but the 35 months since have been above and beyond anything I could imagine! You are SO amazing! I look at you every day and just can't believe you are MINE!

You are total sugar and spice! You have the SWEETEST heart. You can be so kind to others and you care so much about people when they cry or are hurt. You are SO loving and you love to hug and kiss and cuddle. You still like me to hold you like a baby and sing to you. But you also have a very spunky personality that personally I love! You love to boss everyone around. You are just a character. I think you are one of the funniest people I've ever known. You keep us in stitches.

You are a big girl - you are tall! You wear a 4T and a size 9 shoe. You weigh 40 pounds and are 39 inches tall.  You are finally sleeping great at night and you still take naps most days! You LOVE to wear dresses and you absolutely HATE wearing blue jeans. (You got that from me - you are totally my child).  You know your colors, letters and numbers.  You are OBSESSED with everything Disney princess. Your favorites change daily. Two weeks ago you loved Sleeping Beauty, right now it's Little Mermaid - who knows who it will be next week.

You LOVE to dance. When your favorite songs come on - you always jump up to dance. You love for your daddy and I to dance with you and twirl you around.  You are super into dressing up. You are so girly and fun! You also LOVE music. You sing all day long and you are loving all your new musical instruments.

You are very social and not scared of anything. You love to go to "school".  You LOVE Ms. Sally and Ms. Tina your teachers! I love how well you do there. You love to go to church. You are so independent. You want to do everything yourself. EVERYTHING.

You LOVE your daddy. I know you and I are close but you are for sure a daddy's girl.  You just adore him. And he is so crazy about you. You also just adore your grandparents. You LOVE to be around them and they are nuts about you! You are a very loved little girl.

Your life changed a little this year when you got a little sister. You are SO sweet with her. You talk to her and you love to make her laugh. Y'all are starting to play together more and more every day. I'm always reminding you to be "sweet to your sister".  I pray y'all will be best friends.

I am amazed by your daily. Sometimes I just sit back and smile at you because I'm so proud of you and I never dreamed I could love anything so much. I can't kiss you and love you enough. When you were born - I couldn't imagine what you would be like at 3. And now I wonder what 6 and 10 and 16 will be like. I have a feeling you will continue to blow me away.

I pray for you daily that you would have a passion for Christ above all else. I pray He uses you to do something awesome for His kingdom. And I think He is going to.  You will always be my miracle girl. I love you so much. I hope you will always know that your mother was your biggest fan.


Our first family picture (you were 2 weeks old), your first birthday, your second birthday and your third birthday!

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