Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Today is brought to you by the letter H

*H is for my two girls - Harper and Hollis
* H stands for HAPPY - like how happy I am when Harper runs in Hollis' room every morning to climb in bed with her and play and they just laugh and laugh.

*H stands for HILARIOUS - both my girls make me laugh until I cry.

* H stands for HEARING - this morning for the first time Harper was watching "Sleeping Beauty" when she first got up and she asked me to put her hearing aids in "so she could hear better".  It was the first time she has asked for them. I was so excited yet when I told Scott I saw a wave of sadness wash over his face as he said "I'd do anything if she didn't have to deal with this".  Something I've not wanted to voice out loud. I hate it but I refuse to let it be something that defeats us.

*H is for HUMBLED - I'm humbled every day when I realize how much God has blessed us and how very very very little we deserve it.

* H is for HONEST - I try so hard to give an honest account of our lives on this blog. It's a very fine line to walk.  Sometimes if I'm too honest - it might come off as if I'm complaining. And if I'm not honest enough - you might get the picture that everything is always sunshine and roses and perfect bows and ironed clothes and a clean house and I never want to pretend that my life is anything it's not.

* H is for HOPEFUL - I'm so hopeful for all the good things 2012 is going to bring!

* H is for HELPFUL -  I scratch my head every time I look at the stats on this blog and realize how many of you read here.  It's become more and more important for me not to just blog but to use this blog to help others.  I could do that in 1000 ways.  I'm asked all the time to feature fundraisers and support a lot of causes. I'm super uncomfortable with constantly asking y'all to give money to things on the internet.  So I've found 3 ways that I can make a little difference.
1.  You can post prayer requests on the prayer blog that's featured at the top and I urge you to PLEASE visit and pray for those!
2. I love the little Show me your singles day that has become not so little. With 2 married couples, 2 engaged couples and few more serious couples - it looks like it's something that's working.  Friday I'm doing a special singles day just for singles over 40.  So if that's you or you have a mom or dad who would like to meet someone - I hope you will post about yourself or someone close to you or at the very least come check out the singles and who knows???? Only God already knows what might happen! He can just use us to help!
3. I've decided to have 3 (or possibly 4) sponsors a month on my blog. I'm doing this for free because I want to help support women who have small businesses. I've been asked for a long time about doing this and I wasn't comfortable with it until I realized it could be a way to bless others. I put the word out on twitter and got WAY more responses than I can fill. Since I can only do this with around 36 people - I'm going to do more SUYL Fridays that spotlight small businesses (i.e. etsy shops, etc). So I hope if this is you - you will participate and in a small way it will bless you! I also hope you will shop these women and we can all help each other! (More on this soon once I work out all the details)

* H is for HONORED - I'm honored you come to visit here every day! Love you all!

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