Friday, December 30, 2011

Show us your life - Wedding planning tips, vendors, etc

I'm a little late to the game today - I apologize.

Today we are focusing on wedding planning. I know a lot of engagements happen over the holidays and for summer weddings - wedding planning is in full swing. For all of you planning weddings or who have daughters or sons planning weddings - I thought it would be great if people (especially recently wed) - could share their favorite tips or vendors or sites that they found things.

If you are listing local vendors - include your area when you link up on the description.

I also wanted to add that starting in May/June - we will do the home tour again on Fridays here. I've had a lot of requests and that is always SO fun and such a great way to get ideas. We may even add some specific things along with rooms like "window coverings", "table arrangements", "where do you put your TV"......If you have any ideas on that - let me know. I'll get the schedule up soon.

Happy Wedding Planning and Happy new Year!

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