Thursday, December 29, 2011

Sweet Day

 I got such a fun treat today! My friend Amanda (my roommate in Ecuador and long time blog friend) was visiting family about 2 hours from me and asked if I would want to come meet up! I jumped at the chance to see her and meet her family! Her little girl Annabeth (the CUTEST little girl) is only about two weeks younger than Harper so we have had a close connection for the last almost 3 years. It was SO fun to finally have them meet after years of talking about them. Of course this was as close as they would sit to each other no matter how hard we tried.

 I was so excited to get to visit with her for a little bit today! She is such an amazing person I'm thankful to call friend!
 And as a bonus my parents were in the same area for a doctor's appointment so they came and met us for lunch after wards so they could see the girls for a little bit.
One of my favorite moments of today was when we got home and the girls both sat and played together with dolls. Oh so sweet!

Thankful for a good day with friends and family!

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